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Auto Injury

If you have been in an accident, you may receive care from Results Chiropractic . We figure out the cost of chiropractic care ourselves, taking any guesswork out of the equation. Most insurance companies won’t tell individuals about this option. For auto injuries, our clinic usually knows how much coverage you qualify for in a matter of several minutes. Results Chiropractic uses the most effective treatments and modern techniques for car accidents, personal and work related injuries.

After an auto accident, it is crucial to find out what needs to be fixed. This may seem obvious, but many clinics and modern medicine methods are more concerned with treating the symptoms instead of the root problem. This means that clinics can guess what is wrong and never treat what is broken. At Results Chiropractic, we use all of our resources to effectively treat and care for our patients. We use all of the tools at our disposal to find the real cause of the problem which means you get the quickest recovery possible.

Don’t Wait until it’s Too Late
Auto accidents are scary and too often result in pain and debilitation. Further injuries and problems can arise when proper treatment isn’t received after an accident. Months and even years can go by and the pain becomes unmanageable. After waiting for such a long time, insurance companies won’t cover the costs because the individual can’t prove the accident caused all of their injuries. Results Chiropractic will give you a thorough exam after an auto accident or injury to find out if anything is wrong, even if you can’t feel immediate pain after the accident.

Results Chiropractic uses the latest and most effective techniques that help in recovery from accidents and injuries such as:

Sprained or Strained Joints/Ligaments
Back Pain
Muscle Injuries
Disc Problems
Whiplash Injuries
“Pinched” Nerves


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