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Our daily recommendation for maintaining optimal health:
(increases strength, fuels metabolism, maintains focus, balances chakras and helps clear the body of energetic distortions that we tend to store without knowing it)

Goal: Drinking 75% of your total pounds in ounces of water daily
(100 pounds, 75 ounces of water)

10 x 10 Breathing
Goal: 100 mindful breaths per day
10 times a day take 10 breaths with full awareness of the breath in the body, increasing the intake of air by a little with each breath and releasing tension with each exhale

Goal: Daily practice of body awareness – physical and energetic
*Results Recommendation: 5 Tibetan Rites
Published In 1939, Peter Kelder published “The Eye of Revelation,” introducing a practice the Tibetan monks used to maintain health and vitality

*Alignment benefits of The Rites can also be achieved through incorporating whichever combination of the following examples of ever-growing healing modalities suits you and your life:
regular chiropractic adjustments, meditation, yoga, energy sessions, acupuncture, acupressure, massage, pilates, rolfing, tai chi and any other practice intended to align and heal parts of the body




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