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Welcome to our new website!

We have spent the last few years observing an interesting shift in the needs of our patients – moving from mostly rehab-based, reactive care to a mindful focus on wellness and maintaining optimal alignment as a solid base for healthy living.  We have developed a simple practice we call H²Om that uses the basic tools we believe support those intentions.  Check it out here on our new site, give it a try and please let us know your Results!

Dr. Price enjoys being as busy as ever combining two of his passions by tirelessly working to travel!  Because he and his wife, Rachel visit such interesting and beautiful places, we’ve included some photos they have taken on their globe-trotting journeys, sharing a glimpse of the experiences that renew his commitment and appreciation to and for getting to work in the field he loves –Chiropractic and Healing.

We continue to provide the same services we always have for treatment and rehabilitation of any and all physical injuries, accident recovery, spinal decompression, back and neck pain, etc., but we have changed the conversation to support healing of the entire body, not just the presenting complaint.  Dr. Price’s experience has allowed him to observe time and again that each individual heals in their own way and his insightful approach has encouraged these positive developments for Results Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, PA.

Whether you are looking at chiropractic treatment for the first time, researching a new chiropractor, or a returning patient with extra time on your hands (thanks for being here), we look forward to speaking with you and figuring out how we can best support you as you pursue your own personal journey to health.

Looking forward to your Results,

Dr. Price and Tavish